home automation client for Windows Phone 7

for using with

control and monitor your x10 home automation system everywhere and anytime using a Windows Phone 7 device

features and highlights

  • control lights, appliances and macros as configured in your ActiveHome Pro software (european version only)

  • monitor status of X10 devices with real-time feedback

  • ready to use in few steps: X10HAL loads zone/modules configuration from any *.ahx file created with ActiveHome Pro

  • simple and faaast access UI, almost easy as a traditional tv remote

  • encrypted password protected communication between X10HAL client (WP7) and X10HAL service (PC)

  • activity logging for remote access requests and X10 interface events

>> [DEMO VIDEO] <<

how it works

x10hal client for windows phone 7 sends user requests to a computer with an X10 CM15/Pro interface connected to it.
on the computer end, x10hal service software is also running and serving requests made by x10hal client.
the connection between the mobile device and the computer can be made both through the internet or just within an home network lan.
x10hal service software is a free software and can be downloaded from the link below.

about ActiveHome Pro™

ActiveHome Pro™ is a free software. For further information about it and download, visit the official european product page or specific country page where available:

download x10hal

X10HAL Client for Windows Phone 7

X10HAL Service 1.0.24 for Windows PC (new beta!)

X10HAL Service 1.0.11 for Windows PC (old release)


  • PC with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and up
  • X10 CM15/Pro PC interface
  • Configuration file (.ahx) created with ActiveHome Pro

x10hal support

   quick setup guide

support email


X10hal artwork by
   F. De Francesco
   @ Studio Quis

special thanks to
   Peter van Dam

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